Dr. Wes: US Health Care Reform Photoshop Contest

Dr. Wes: US Health Care Reform Photoshop Contest

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season and to make sure something on health care reform gets done before the end of the year, Dr. Wes and his wife, Diane, would like to propose the first (and perhaps only) US Healthcare Reform Photoshop Contest.

Bring us your snark, your wit, your creativity about the health care reform efforts encapsulated in a single photograph. Photographs in support or against the current efforts will be equally considered, and you, dear internet devotees, will be the final judge. The winner receives an iPod Touch.

Sheer genius. I only wish a) I knew enough about photoshop not to be a liability, and b) I had an imagination. Let’s see yours…(imagination).


  1. Thanks for the mention, Allen. Should be fun.