Funny YouTube Post: ED Drug Seeker

This is wayyy too close to reality:

Heh. Dunno why they’re in a convenience store, but that might me a commentary on the ED environment.

Thanks to a reader with a very recognizable name, who shall therefore remain nameless…


  1. That was fantastic.

  2. I nearly peed myself. “I just had a seizure in my hand.”

  3. That’s a great one! It’s always interesting how multiple non-controlled substance allergies is comorbid with with “need” for benzos, opioids, etc. They should have taught us that in med school!

  4. Awesome! In our ER, though, we have the D…D…Dilaudid…

  5. **clapping** that. was. friggin’. outstanding.

    The person who made this is clearly ER staff, or a user themselves (or both)… the bitter tears of experience are the only thing that could generate that degree of realism.

  6. Bwaaahahahahaha! I see three main types of seekers. #1 Immediately aggressive: I HAVE PAIN AND YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW! #2 The seductive: Oh, you are such a NICE doctor, and I know you will make me feel better. #3 The silly me: Oh, well, I had the pills on the counter next to the toilet, and, well, silly me, the top was off and I knocked them into the toilet……(usually this story is way longer!)

  7. I had to lift this one and repost it. Just too funny…

    *Tips hat*

  8. What? No kidney stones? That is hilarious!

  9. Hilarious! Love it!!!!


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