Listen to Your Doctor, Uncle Sam – Nurse Ratched’s Place

Listen to Your Doctor, Uncle Sam – Nurse Ratched’s Place
Dear Uncle Sam:

I know it’s been a rough week. I’m sure you’re grieving the lost of life at Fort Hood just like the rest of us, but I’m compelled to write you this letter. I hope you take it in the spirit in which it is meant.



  1. Jack Coupal says:

    hate to rain on Nurse Rached’s parade, but..

    The major took two civilian handguns into a building holding unarmed trained soldiers. He was savvy enough to know what the outcome was likely to be.

    You can stop puzzling over the “incomprehensible derangement”, the “rampage”, the “why couldn’t we have predicted this?”.

  2. I’m afraid I cannot agree with Nurse Ratched’s assessments. Whereas it is quite clear that the tragedy at Fort Hood was avoidable, I am afraid what would have avoided it, would have been close surveillance of the “Major”‘s STATED agenda of Islamic Jihad against US troops.

    Whereas it was abundantly clear that this man had been posting Islamic hate speeches, and threatening to cause violence, it seems his behavious was simply overlooked.

    Whereas his links with the preacher who gave ideological bearing to the 9/11 attackers were documented, no action was taken.

    So in reality, while Im sure many OTHER people might need psychological care, this one man, was a Muslim sleeper cell, waiting for his chance to harm the nation which gave him everything he had. And he should have been treated as such.

    He should have never been in the US Army.

  3. I can’t agree with NR either. The doctors who transferred him from WRAMC to FH and hoped “he would just go away?” Are those the ones we’re supposed to be listening to?

    They are the ones who need to be in court martial for dereliction of duty. But don’t hold your breath.