Happy 45, Brother Aerospace Genius

Yeah, the 70’s were like this. Vests, awesome belts, and a smile into the great unknown.

I need another white belt...

He’s the smart one (math is hard), I’m the pretty one. (Give me that, otherwise I have nothing…)

Really, Happy Birthday!


  1. You guys were HARD on the knees of your jeans! And yes, SuperMom mended LOTS of pants knees during those days.

  2. Steve Lucas says:

    One word – Dude!

    Steve Lucas

  3. Aerospace Genius says:

    Gee, thanks!

  4. If I released the fashionable photos from my childhood the terror alert would be raised….


  5. Aunt Susie says:

    Looks like you switched vests – for a joke! I observe TWO handsome and intelligent men these days! Hope the birthday was delightful with the GeniusFamily.