Happy Twentieth Anniversary, Honey

I love you.  I always will.


Thanks for marrying me, and taking me away from all that.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary, guys! And may I just say, Doc, those were some sportin’ glasses you had!

  4. The Pholks send their best to a wonderful couple — on your TWENTIETH!

  5. Beary Potter says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Steve Lucas says:


  7. Aerospace Genius says:

    Happy Amplitude!

  8. The Other Daughter says:

    Happy, happy anniversary and hopes of many more!

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and yours, Doc. Enjoy your special day. Time flies, huh, especially when you look at your glasses in the pic. Twenty years of fashion come and gone! LOL those glasses will be back in someday, I hope you still have them.

    happy new year as well…

  10. Aunt Susie says:

    We thought you had a lovely wedding – even though the station wagon required some major repair before it would drive us back to Dallas. And we have enjoyed watching your life together these MANY years! You’re only half way to where Ron & I are – actually, a bit less – 41 years. So – there’s another goal to reach for! Cherish and enjoy every minute together. At least the preponderance of minutes.luv,auntsusie

  11. Awww how sweet to say that.

    20 years is something to be proud of.

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  12. Pattie, RN says:

    Belated Happy Twentieth!!! Was out of touch with the digital world as DH and I were in the mountains in a remote cabin celebrating our 30th! In 1979 we were both active duty (combat arms and combat support, nursing came much later for me) and the Saturday between Christmas and New Years was the only time we be sure no one would be in the field. Thanks for all you do for your patients and for your country, from two old happily married Vets!

  13. Pattie, RN says:

    sorry, the “only time we WERE sure no one would be in the field…..”