You miss it when it goes

I like living on the edge of built-up civilization, but it means our little development has one electric line coming in.

Today it wanted some time off, fortunately only 4 hours. Didn’t get that cold inside, but having an all electric house has some drawbacks in that circumstance.

My wife figured out the electric-less coffee, thankfully.

Social Media use in the ED #127

A colleague who’s not usually late didn’t show up on time.

After a while, we got worried about him being missing.  Into action go our 20-something scribes:

“I’ll send him a text”

“I’ll poke him on Facebook” was the action that made me laugh out loud.

Colleague arrived a few minutes later.  I didn’t ask if Facebook made him late or on time.  Suppose I should ask…

So, another use for social media in the ED.

Dying man robbed in ER waiting room – More health news-

Dying man robbed in ER waiting room – More health news-
PHILADELPHIA – Police say three people who noticed a man unconscious and dying in an emergency waiting room robbed him instead of going for help.

The City of Brotherly Love.  I don’t think it means what they think it means…