Social Media use in the ED #127

A colleague who’s not usually late didn’t show up on time.

After a while, we got worried about him being missing.  Into action go our 20-something scribes:

“I’ll send him a text”

“I’ll poke him on Facebook” was the action that made me laugh out loud.

Colleague arrived a few minutes later.  I didn’t ask if Facebook made him late or on time.  Suppose I should ask…

So, another use for social media in the ED.


  1. I confess I tittered too when I read the poke thing – that was BEFORE I’d even read your comment!! :)
    If I want to contact anyone, I too immediately reach from my cellphone to text them. Phone calls can end up onerous and time-consuming. And I’m a 40-something!

  2. I texted a colleague the other night to let him know I had a patient forhim… and last week took a pic on my cell-phone cam and sent it to my orthopod on call.

    Tech is good.

  3. Totally Agree with you….I usually read your posts. I must say all of your posts are very informative and innovative.. Keep it up. I voted your blog on best medical blogs too…

  4. I’m not into texting. I guess you don’t miss what you’ve never had. Actually I did a bit but don’t like it. I’d rather just call and talk.. although I can see the benefits too.

    I’ll poke him -that’s funny. :)


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