TBTAM has THE post on the mammogram recommendations

A tour de force.  What medical blogging aspires to be:

The New Mammogram Guidelines – What You Need to Know

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you know that in mid-November, the US Preventive Services Task Force released new recommendations on screening mammography, in which they recommended against routine mammogram screening in women under age 50, and recommended that mammograms be every two years in women ages 50-74.

What you may not have heard is that the Task Force has acknowledged that the mammogram guidelines were poorly worded, and have revised their original statement to clarify their intentions, mostly by removing those two little words “Recommends against”.
Bravo.  Now even an ER doc understands…


  1. I clarified the mortality numbers in my post. WHile breast cancer as a single cause is #1 for women in their 40’s, if you lump all heart disease together (ie, add up heart attacks at 5% of deaths along with heart disease other), heart disease indeed surpasses breast cancer by a few percent, but not cancers overall. Hope I have not misled. I don;t think this changes the overall post much.

    Thank for the link