Archives for January 7, 2010

It took a trainee…

…to remind me I have one of the coolest jobs in the world.

I came in to start my shift, and the department was abuzz.  Thoracotomy!  Some kind of trauma, open chest, etc.  Big mess is all I saw, and thought about the low yield and hazards.

That’s what I thought about: big futile mess.

Later, as I was getting coffee (yes, I’m back on the sauce), I asked two EMT trainees, in passing, if they’d seen anything interesting.

Their enthusiasm was palpable, and it was because they’d seen the spectacle.  They were completely energized, exited about Emergency Medicne, and will easily finish their studies solely on adrenaline.

It made me consider my first thoracotomy (fear and perspiration, mostly, with the awesomely frightening yet thrilling ‘am I actually doing ths’ moment).  Something I take for granted (and even dislike a little, as I have yet to have a positive patient outcome), but their viewpoint made me realize I’m jaded, and reminded me I have the coolest job in medicine.