What’s the most productive thing I’ve done at work recently?

My ED is like most others: there’s a plan for where computers go, and they get installed on the desks correctly.  Unfortunately, there’s not a plan for all the wires, power strips, etc that are associated with these installations.

The wires, cables, power strips, etc, just wind up on the floor.  They collect dust and then the area doesn’t get swept, let alone mopped (we’ve had dust bunny races under the counters).  (I don’t blame housekeeping: they don’t want the blame for pulling out any wires, so they avoid them).

After griping about them for a year, and knowing I had a stretch of nights (which occasionally have some slack moments) I finally did something about it: tie-wraps and little sticky wall attachments for same.

Over two nights 90% of the wires came up off the deck, and now these areas are getting swept.  I’ve learned some things, like: power strips don’t care how many sticky holders are attached to the wall, they just go to ground.  I’m now screwing the sticky feet to the wall, and that’s working.  (The other cables are awaiting some computer racks to get their boxes off the floor, then the cables will go up).

I got two amusing comments while doing this: “You’re my dad” from one bemused nurse, and “You know, they pay people to do this” (to which I pointed out that if they did I wouldn’t be doing it).

Eventually the floors will be cleaner, and I finally put my time where my mouth was.

What to do next…


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    One of those “I never thought I’d say this” things — you’re taking after your Dad!

  2. What to do next? Come visit me and do the same in my office!

    Seriously, you have tackled one of my pet peeves in the hospital. Dust carries fomites, and leaving it all sitting there in hospital rooms tangled in the computer wires can’t be good, can it? Not to mention unsightly.


  3. Aerospace Genius says:

    Never do anything once that you don’t want to do from now on.

    It’s too late now. Consider yourself doomed.

  4. Really rather be doomed to death by hanging wires than death by dustbunny…

  5. Glad I’m not the only one who goes off on these little rampages of facilities maintenance. FacMan is often not amused, but better to ask forgiveness that permission.

    Vive le Tool Time!

  6. Aunt Susie says:

    What a wonderful world his would be if EVERYONE took the initiative to correct things amiss in their areas. I commend you.

  7. …….. at least until a computer goes down and the IT guy comes through and cuts it all apart…

  8. Where i work, housekeeping is not allowed to go near the computers. Problem is, no one else is given the task of cleaning around them, either. Behind the monitors are dust bunnies that are big enough to eat people. Achoooo!!!

  9. BTW, Thanks for all that. They help a bunch when in a hurry and juice is needed for the laptops.