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10 More Secrets the ER Staff Won’t Tell You

Exclusive insider information from doctors, nurses, and paramedics that will astonish you — and could save your life.

via 10 More Secrets the ER Staff Won’t Tell You | Insider Secrets & Tips | Reader’s Digest.

Sure, Kevin, MD writes OpEds for USA Today, but has he been quoted in Readers’ Digest? I think not.

The March, 2010 issue is out, and a few of my well-meaning quips are included in a story “50 things the ER Staff Won’t Tell You” or somesuch (I’m going by email reports here, I don’t have a copy yet).

The link above is to their online version, which has 10 of them.  Now, should I add this to my CV?


  1. Glen in Texas says:

    (At least) Five of the fifty secrets are credited to you.

  2. You’d think a guy with a blog wouldn’t have that many secrets…

  3. I guess the secrets are hidden on the pages of the days you don’t post!! ;)

  4. I haven’t read that issue yet; been saving it for our upcoming plane ride. Congrats!!

  5. Aunt Susie says:

    Good grammar. Correct spelling. Your own goofy humor. Truth. Glad to be related. Today.

  6. Nicely done!

  7. how do we get a copy of this to email or show our friends other than the Rd version- this has to be spread to the public please help

  8. I read that issue. I thought, no wonder we need to avoid ERs-they think we’re a joke. Many of the “quips” were just demeaning and not constructive. I’ve been a patient and relative in the ER, and I behave myself (in a couple VERY scary situations). They’ve given me chores: “could you quick test your hubby’s BG for me?” or “can you hold your son’s hands away from his eye?” I’ve seen charts with notes that say, “patient’s wife is competent, cooperative”… if I’d only known how Dr’s, RN’s, EMT and clerks really feel. I was interested in what should I do that I don’t know about, but I felt “chewed out” by it instead… stay well…


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