Four Arizona doctors surrender their licenses – Phoenix Business Journal:

The Arizona Medical Board accepted proposed consent agreements for surrender of license from four rural Arizona physicians who admitted they had committed unprofessional conduct and agreed to the disciplinary action.

via Four Arizona doctors surrender their licenses – Phoenix Business Journal:.

Wow.  I’d hate to have to give up my license.  When I read these I wonder what the full stories are…


  1. westeasterly says:

    As a current medical student, it really scares me how easily “they” can take away everything you’ve ever worked for. I’m sure most are valid and reasonable…but the price of taking away just 1 license unfairly is extremely high for that individual….

  2. 3 of the 4 involved substance use, either alcohol or controlled substances. Most boards will attempt to rehabilitate a physician with chemical dependency. You can bet if licensure action was taken, the physicians involved were non-compliant with their rehabilitative contracts.

  3. I think AMA can be a little bit too strict with some of these doctors.Doctors are paranoid these days so those of us that realy need certain medicine are having a hard time getting doctors to give it to us. This is our lives they are messing with!! let patients weed out the bad doctord bc , they will eventually go under bc they wont have any patients if they are not good doctors and drug seekers will kill themseleves off. Just like medical marajuanna, it helps cancer patients and truly helps people in pain and has less bad effects than any other drug but government wnt let drs prescribe it, here in az anyway and not bc its bad, bc government is afraid ppl will grow it and they cant tax it! LESS GoVERNMENT, bc its starting to feel less and less like “home of the free!”