Military increases availability of morning-after pill –

Washington (CNN) — All U.S. military health facilities around the world will now carry the emergency contraception pill known as Plan B One-Step, according to a new Department of Defense policy.

The decision to carry the pill, often referred to as the morning-after pill, was based on a recommendation by the Pentagon's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, an advisory panel made up of medical professionals from the military services, Pentagon officials said Friday.

Many military hospitals already carry the pill, but the new action means it will become a standard part of every medical facility's stock of drugs, including those on bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the officials said.

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Mostly right, I’d say.  I do wish it was OTC (for installations large enough to have a store of some sort) and not force women into Medical for it (it’s OTC in the US), but it’s better than not having it.