Snow Removal Tips – How to Shovel Snow – Popular Mechanics

Snow Removal Tips – How to Shovel Snow – Popular Mechanics.

I’ve never had to shovel snow,so these tips were new to me.

I still don’t want to, but maybe some of you are snowed in right now, saying “If only I knew the 16 Cardinal Rules, I’d be able to shovel my way out”.

You’re Welcome.

HT: InstaPundit (all hail the blogger king).


  1. Wish I could say I’d never shoveled snow, but alas I had to do so yesterday. Still my first snow shoveling was in WV back in my residency days.

  2. Bruce Small says:

    They should have mentioned the Valsalva maneuver, a leading cause of death while shoveling snow.

  3. Wow, get cut due to low census and you have a blog field day. That’s funny. Could have used the snow shoveling info this morning rather than this evening at work.

  4. One word: Manplow
    Google it.
    Love it.