Texas Party of Medicine

Early voting starts today in Texas (Feb 16-26) with Election Day being March 2nd.

TEXPAC (The Texas Medical Association PAC) releases a roster of candidates every major election, and this one’s no exception: 2010 Election Primer (as a .pdf file)

The only easy pattern I can discern is that all the court races are “R’s”, if that helps.

As they say in Politics, vote early and often…


  1. I’m sure they all show a pattern of not wanting government in their lives, EXCEPT where it benefits them and their interests. That’s a pretty consistent theme of physicians and the Republicans they back. The Dems they back are usually pretty comfortable with lots of government no matter what.

  2. Thanks for sharing the TEXPAC endorsement list. If only all physician bloggers would do that. (If only I had a list of ALL physician bloggers!)

    Thanks again.