Updated and Bumped: CBS 7 – Your Eye on West Texas covering the Winkler County Nurse Trial

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If you’re new to this story, the backgrounder is here.

The trial of Anne Mitchell, RN for doing her duty (reporting bad patient care to the Texas Medical Board) started 3 days ago.  I cannot find CBS’s coverage (if there was any) of Day 1, but there is pretty good coverage of days 2 & 3.

Day 2

Day 3

Having read that (and being quite biased for the nurse in this case) so far all Ms. Mitchell has to worry about are her legal bills.  I suspect they’ll be covered by the settlement from her civil suit for malicious prosecution.

HT: Glen in West Texas

Update: ABC’s Good Morning America has a good report on this as well, with about a 3 minute video.


  1. Just a heads up…the links to the background story and the trial coverage seem to have an extra “http” in them (i.e. they don’t work)

  2. That background doesn’t work. Even trying to remove the extra “http://” it doesn’t work. For some unfathomable reason, it somehow automatically reinserts the extra “http://” after it’s removed. How about just telling us what the background is.

  3. Backgrounder link: (see above, fixed).

  4. Figures. I get a link from Instapundit and 3 of the links are busted…

    Fixed now. Mea culpa.

  5. Are you suggesting that our hospital is not professionally staffed?”

    Defense replied candidly saying, “The evidence of that is clear.”

    Love it! Hope she wins.

  6. Alas, very slow and very poor reporting in the area newspaper.


  7. “Having read that (and being quite biased for the nurse in this case) so far all Ms. Mitchell has to worry about are her legal bills.”

    What? You physicians act like a trial where YOU’RE the defendant is nothing short of waterboarding. And those are CIVIL trials where your liberty is not at risk, and you’re not even paying the legal bills! Hell, you want us to throw the Constitution out just so your insurer can save a few dollars and you don’t have to give a deposition!

    You’re always talking about the “chilling effect” and how medicine suffers because you can’t own up to your mistakes. You don’t think this will have a chilling effect on nurses being willing to report this kind of thing? Really? You guys claim that you get black marks simply for being named in a suit (although physicians with multiple PAID claims continue to work), and you don’t think this nurse will be blackballed?

    Physicians frown on other physicians testifying about CLEAR negligence for the plaintiff, and you think this nurse is going to be able to find work easily? Either you’re being disingenuous on one front or the other.