WD-40 may have screwed up here

Look at the picture of the new WD-40 can. It has a new pivoting gadget that combines spray or straw use without any plugging in, trying to find the little orifice with a stiff red piece of plastic, etc.

As an engineering piece ( and without having used it ) it looks terrific.

But, I usually buy a new can shortly after I lose the straw. How will their sales do with this unlosable straw gadget?


  1. Melissa (oddharmonic) says:

    My husband’s replacement indicator is losing the spray cap. (He’s less picky about everything in its place than I am.) We tried the Smart Straw for the first time last week on a sticking lug nut and were satisfied with the new straw style’s performance.

    For my less-broad uses, the fiber-tip WD-40 pen is my go-to product. I keep one in my purse.

  2. The sales strategy here is that the swivel is incredibly fragile and breaks easily.

    How do I know? I broke one in the aisle of Home Depot playing with it. Which would have been less embarrassing if it hadn’t also broken the valve mechanism so that the stuff started coming out all over my hand, and quickly enough, in a rapidly growing pool on the floor.

    So I set it down in the middle of the aisle and went and found a sales person and informed them that “somebody” had made a mess with the WD-40. Hopefully he didn’t notice my still-dripping hand…