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Spring Forward, 2010

My favorite overnight shift of the year! (To be fair, I worked the fall back, and it’s my least favorite…).

From a post a few years ago:

From a prior post of mine on the subject:

“Yes, tonight you either a) lose one hours’ sleep, or, b) get to church in time to shake hands as everyone else leaves. (Sorry if that leaves your religon out, but the joke works better that way).”

There’s a lot to DST, and here’s link to more info.

Also, here’s a “how’d that get past them?” moment, from infoplease:

No More Sunlight in Arizona and Hawaii

Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii and the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST but instead stay on “standard time” all year long. And if you’ve spent any time in the sweltering summer sun in those regions you can understand why residents don’t need another hour of sunlight.

(emphasis mine)

Now, you can fiddle with a clock all you want, but messing with a timepiece isn’t going to change the number of hours of sunlight any area gets a day. It will shift the times around, but that’s about the limit.

And, yes, the same weird quote is in there still.

Best movie trailer so far.

Laugh out loud funny.

So, that’s how to do a dramatic movie. Here’s how to report the news feature (mild language warning):

Both via HotAir.  I needed a laugh.