MedBlog Grand Rounds here May 4th

The schedule can be found here, and this Weeks’ is HERE.  Nick’s nearly always looking for hosts, so drop him a line if you’re interested.

As for my upcoming Grand Rounds Hosting on May 4th, all submissions are due May 3rd by noon your time.

Though I generally dislike themes, I thought of this and therefore think it’s clever:

don’t send me a post of yours, send a post of someone elses’.

That’s right, the First Non-Narcissist, Non-Personal Attention Getting Grand Rounds.

All of us read several different medical blogs, and many of those bloggers never submit to Grand Rounds; here’s your chance to be altruistic, and get someone else some attention!

I plan to post the referred link, with a ‘recommended by’ after it, so tell me who you are, please!  (If you want, send me the link of another blog, and add the one you’d like to see included from your blog as well.  It’s not exactly perfect, but better than sitting it out).

So, start thinking about that great post you read that didn’t get the attention it deserved, and start sending them. Use the contact form, above, or send them here:  but don’t spoil the surprise and put them in the comments, okay?


  1. I love this idea!

  2. As do I. On your marks, get set, recommend!

  3. I apologize for the double comment, but this challenge has inspired a music homage to this Grand Rounds that I’ve posted over at the Occam blog. Gilbert & Sullivan fans will enjoy.

  4. I’m going to submit your grand rounds post. Can I have the link first?

  5. It’ll be here:

    Thanks for promoting my Non-Narcisist, Non-Personally Aggrandizing Grand Rounds! (Yes, I get the problem there…)