Perks of being a commenter who lives close?

I’ll buy you dinner*!

Jim in Plano has been a commenter here nearly since the beginning, and I finally got a reason to be in his area of the DFW Metroplex, so we set up a dinner out.

(Picture removed at my wifes’ ‘request’: said it was silly to post a pic with food hanging out of my mouth).

He and his wife are nice folks, pleasant, interesting and funny!  He did about 27 years in the Air Force, and has at least that many stories, and tells them well (he should blog).

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and we’ll get together again someday.

*Not an actual offer.


  1. Jim in Plano says:

    Oh rubbish, he was afraid I was a celebrity blogger stalker and thought that if we met in public with our wives he had a better chance of survival.

    We did have a good time and he was everything I expected. Make of that what you will. I sent him two photos of the event, neither was particularly flattering and I was curious which he would use. I see he took the cowa…..Solomon way out and didn’t post either.

    Mrs. GD was a gracious lady and I came away from our dinner humming a tune in my head because of her name. I am unashamedly envious of people with unique names. My broker’s last name is Shamrock and I spent my first four years in the USAF with a guy named Ridgely Rabold. I recently reconnected with him just because I could google his name. Back in 1968 we sang a mean duet of “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry!!!! (another unique name)
    I am also convinced that people with unique names set out to live up to those names by being something special; Mrs. GD’s all that.

    I plan to reciprocate at the earliest opportunity and buy dinner for the GD’s at a restaurant of their choice. Maybe the next time I can keep my mouth shut long enough to hear more of his stories. My wife, the Mean Red Headed Yankee Nurse (MRHYN), loved his story about the Japanese avocado and probably will like his others; Lord knows she’s heard all of mine!!!

    At least this time living close enough to a commenter paid off. But that celebrity blogger stalker is still out there so beware!


    Jim in Plano

    p.s. I did 28 years and 21 days…sheesh

  2. AuntSusie says:

    Here’s a comment – I’d like to ‘take’ dinner with you & the Mrs., too. :-)


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