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Will Insurance Deny Payment if You Leave AMA? | WhiteCoat’s Call Room

Fifty seven percent of all health care providers (and probably just as many patients) believe that if you leave the hospital or the emergency department against medical advice, insurance companies will not pay for the visit. Half of doctors surveyed have told or would tell patients that insurance would not pay the bill if they left AMA.

via Will Insurance Deny Payment if You Leave AMA? | WhiteCoat’s Call Room.

Go and read for the answer, which surprised me, though not 57% worth…

Kudos to Bob

My son Bob just called to tell me he’s finished with Law School!  He took his final final today, and the academic weight is off him (and he sounds more energized than he has in months).

He had an abortive start at law school, which I mention only to praise him for his perseverance and hard work, and that stubborn, quiet ambition of his.

Now to study for the Bar exam (he’s in Florida, and will take it there), in late July, then off to work.  Setting him apart from most of his new-grad peers, he has an actual job offer, which is terrific!  (I half-jokingly asked once if he was going to need to move back into the basement, and he quipped ‘Then I’d literally be in-house Counsel”, which was clever).

Good for you, Bob, your Mom and I are terrifically proud of you.