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In-N-Out Burger to open restaurants in Texas – Fast Food Maven : The Orange County Register

The rumors have been flying around cyberspace for months about the possibility of In-N-Out Burger expanding its empire to Texas.On Wednesday, I finally got confirmation that Southern California’s most beloved burger chain is seeking approval to open fast-food units in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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Awesome…  Animal style in DFW. | Carol Rivers, MD

To those of you who haven’t heard, an icon of emergency medicine has passed away. Carol Rivers, MD, died last week following a cardiac procedure.

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The Giants of EM are aging.  It’s a very-new specialty, and those that made it deserve their veneration.

Nice: F1 coming to Austin in 2012-2022

I’ll hold my breath for this to last 10 years.  I hope so, but…it’s a business deal with F1.  Ask Indy how that works out.

Formula One World Championship Limited and Formula One Administration Limited together, the F1 Commercial Rights Holder and Full Throttle Productions, LP, promoter of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™, announce that a historic agreement has been reached for Austin, Texas to serve as the host city of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ for years 2012 through 2021.

“We are extremely honoured and proud to reach an agreement with the F1 Commercial Rights Holder. We have been diligently working together for several years to bring this great event to Austin, the State of Texas and back to the United States. All parties involved have a great amount of trust and confidence in each other and are committed to establishing the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ in Austin, Texas as a prestigious global event,” stated Tavo Hellmund, Managing Partner of Full Throttle Productions, LP.

via Formula 1™ – The Official F1™ Website.

That’s cool!  An F1 race within easy driving distance.

Then the BS begins to flow toward the end (it’s BS anyone making a pitch this scale has to make but…)

– over 250,000 hotel rooms within 180 miles;
– desirable year-round climate, with an average annual temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius);

Heh.  San Antonio has a lot of rooms, and they’re withing a typical F1 driving range, so…okay.

And, yeah, Austin’s year round average temp is 68, but in the F1 season it’s going to be summer in Central Texas.  Ick.

All that said, I’m going to go, and look forward to F1 being back in the US.