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Man suspected of trying to run down officer in Stockyards arrested | Crime and Safety | …

I’m more interested in the sub-plot of this cops and robbers, and armed citizen story:

FORT WORTH — A 55-year-old man who police suspect tried to run down a Fort Worth officer last month, prompting the officer and a concerned citizen to open fire at the car, is now in jail, police officials confirmed Tuesday.

The officer, unaware of the 911 call, had gone to investigate the businessman’s report when the driver of the Mercedes suddenly accelerated toward him, police have said. The officer was able to dodge the car and fired several shots at the fleeing Mercedes.

A citizen who heard the gunfire and believed the officer had been shot and killed, retrieved his own gun and also shot multiple times at the Mercedes as it passed him on West Exchange, police have said.

Criado said the concerned citizen did not have a concealed handgun license but “we don’t see any reason to charge the citizen who fired at the suspects believing they had killed the officer.”

via Man suspected of trying to run down officer in Stockyards arrested | Crime and Safety | ….

In many lesser states our Concerned Citizen would be in huge trouble.  But this is Texas; let this be a lesson to you.

The most embarrasing thing I’ve done in a while

Recently, in the ED, I was seeing a patient who was left with something of a stammer/stutter after a prior stroke.

It was kind of a long history, and probably longer for the patient, who had to work very hard to be understood through their unwanted speech impediment.

Inexplicably, when I walked out of the room I started stuttering; I wasn’t trying to make light of the patients’ problem, and I had to stop talking for a few moments before I could speak in my normal cadence (and while in the patients’ room I was speaking normally as well).  It was super-strange, like my brain heard the new cadence and said ‘oh, this is how we do it’.  Awful.

It was embarrassing, and weird.  Fortunately the patient didn’t hear it, and I apologized to the staff that did.  I have no idea why my mouth/brain combo picked that anomaly to repeat.  Strange.

Anyone else have this?