Archives for June 15, 2010

…and that’s when I shot wine from my nose…

I was having my occasional glass of red wine with dinner (it’s AMA approved, and possibly cardioprotective, plus, I like it), having a conversation with my grandson, who’s 10ish.  (I don’t now his exact age; I’m not one of Those grandparents, and to be fair, I wasn’t one of those parents, either).

Just to have some fun with him, because I figured he’d think it was silly, I decided to start spelling some words when chatting with my wife at the table.  As in “I think if I s p e l l some words h e won’t be a b l e to understand what w e are saying”.

“I can’t keep up, you spell too fast” was not the response I thought I’d get and …see title.

Fun having family visit.  I need to help him with his spelling, though.