2010 ACEP Scientific Assembly: I’m in

The 2010 American College of Emergency Physicians’ Scientific Assembly is in Las Vegas this year.

I’ve registered, bought plane tickets and have a marker on a box under a bridge (but very near the convention site, so I’m good).

So, time for you EP’s to get in there and register, and, I’m going to blog it (unless ACEP gets a court order preventing it (they weren’t interested in me blogging for their house blog, so only time will tell…)).

Oh, as a service to my three ACEP readers I plan to get enough freebie pens from the exibitors to give one to each of you when I meet you.

Yeah, I’m a giver.  Or a re-gifter.  Whatever.


  1. anonymous says:

    Don’t think they are giving out freebie pens anymore. Haven’t seen any at our pharm displays. I’ve joked that I’m going to hang onto my current pens then auction ’em as rare items on Ebay in a couple years.

  2. Hmm. May have to reconsider the pen offer…

  3. That’s great, GruntDoc! I’ll be there, too (in fact, Jen and I are arriving a little early…)