Breaking News: EPs Push Back Against ABEM MoC : Emergency Medicine News

Wow, I’ve been promoted from crank to prominent critic!

A prominent critic of the process is Allen Roberts, MD, who blogs as Grunt Doc. “I'm a proud member of ABEM,” he said. “I know they have this continuous certification thing going that has been forced on them by ABMS. And I understand the idea behind the yearly test [the Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment].

via Breaking News: EPs Push Back Against ABEM MoC : Emergency Medicine News.

I remain a critic of this Continuous certification, and find some of the responses to be laughable, but I’ll save that for another post.

(Are there any other critics of this, or is it really just me?)


  1. I’ll always think of you as a crank, don’t worry.

    And I’ve also been a strong critic of the MoC charade, but we both know nobody listens to me.

    Well spoken, BTW.

  2. I am 100% behind you Allen. The recertification process just becomes more time consuming and complicated without any proof of improvement. The LLSA articles are mostly crap. Part 4 is a ridiculous waste of time. The next question is, do I really need my ABEM merit badge to practice good medicine?

  3. TheNewGuy says:

    Another “crank” checking in.

    The process is a hassle, overly complicated, and doesn’t do any measurable good, other than generating a regular income stream for ABEM and companies that collate the articles for review.

    Part IV is nonsense… and brings back memories of the useless, administrative box-checkers we suffered in military medicine.

  4. I’m a recent (2007) Residency grad and I too think this is useless. Many of the recent LLSA articles we looked at during residency and I knew they were not so helpful even then. As for part 4, do we really want press ganey being part of our certification?