MGH launches ER finder for iPhone – White Coat Notes –

Researchers from the Emergency Medicine Network at Massachusetts General Hospital today launched a free application for the iPhone that will tell you where the nearest hospital emergency rooms are in the United States, along with directions and other information designed to help people away from home.
via MGH launches ER finder for iPhone – White Coat Notes –

I tried it, and it worked very well for me (not needing it, just testing it out).

Oddly, the blog article tells all about it, except its name (true, it’s in the headline but that looks like a generic description, not the app name) which I had to watch the video to find. It’s EMNet findER, free in the iTunes app store.

I cannot think of a reason not to have this on your iPhone, especially if you ever travel.

Update: from Richard Winters (twitter) (blog):

@gruntdoc do they have an app that finds a consultant who doesn’t call back? or one that finds my stethoscope?


Other needed apps:

ER FindMyNurse – patient
ER FindMyDoc – patient
ER Find the Nurse I need – doc
ER BoxLunchMenu
ER INeedAMiracle – everyone…

Got an ER app you need?  That’s what the comments are for…


  1. nurse1961 says:

    How about:

    ED FindDocINeed – Nurse