How to Answer a Nurses’ Questions: Funniest thing you’ll see this week

Via A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor comes this bit of Genius: How to Answer Nurses’ Questions: An Algorithm for New Interns.

Go, read, laugh.  You’ll enjoy it.

Via DocRob


  1. nurse 1961 says:

    That is sooooo true. When I worked in a teaching hospital, new interns rotated through every month. First night out, they would get a call from the Medical ICU, if the intern asked what the nurse thought, we would save them. If they didn’t ask and wrote an order for something stupid, they were targets for everything.

    We had an attending that monthly brought the new interns around and announced, “These are ICU nurses, they can be your best friend and save your A-s. Or they can be your worst nightmare.”

    I did threatened to throw one out the 7th floor window once. Called his attending instead and watched him get chewed out in front of his peers for 10 minutes, then he got to do what I asked him to do in the first place.

  2. Pattie, RN says:

    Actually, we nurses do NOT hate all interns. Polite interns who listen before they speak, muster a smile once in awhile, and who know what they do NOT KNOW will be helped, given coffee even, and have their little butts protected from all manner of evil attendings. Pop an attitude, cut off a nurse who is giving legit information, or leer (at the young nurses, not us battleaxes, of course) and you will be hung to dry by your external genitalia……and be paged all night when you are on call for bullshit!


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