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Change of Shift is up


Myth of EM? Eyebrows and shaving

I’ve internalized all the dogma of medicine, for good and bad.

When I was an EMT, green as a twig in an ER, I’d learned the basics: for any wound with hair employ the razor, and get the hair away from the laceration so the doc could do a good closure.

So, employment week 3, eyebrow lac? Shaved that sucker clean off. ED doc freaked out, and I learned some Dogma: don’t shave eyebrows, they don’t grow back.  Heard it later, too.  All the way through training, in fact.

Hmm. My now older-guy eyebrows would like to disagree…..

I shave my face, nearly daily. All the hair comes back. I have women in the home, who bemoan their razor-rituals.  I see younguns with cuts deliberately made in their brows, with blithe unconcern they might be permanently bald there…

I’ve never, ever seen a person come in with one normal and one shorn-off brow, never. (I’ve seen people with shaven brows and penciled in, unlikely shaped, eyebrows but that’s an interesting choice).

So. Myth of EM? I think so. I seek the wisdom of the learned crowd.