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Little Rock Physician bombing from 2009: trial underway

Remember this?  The Chair of the Arkansas Medical Board being critically injured with a car bomb?

A multi-disciplined physician is on trial for the crime:

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Medical Board chairman, his face scarred and embedded with bits of tire, testified Wednesday that he lost an eye, his sense of smell, teeth and some hearing when a bomb went off in his driveway.

Dr. Trent Pierce testified against Dr. Randeep Mann, who prosecutors say planned the attack as retaliation for the medical board taking away his license to write prescriptions. Pierce took the stand after a jail inmate told jurors Mann had offered him $50,000 to kill Pierce to keep him from testifying.

Wow.  I’m glad he pulled through.  And I wonder at the (alleged) depravity of those who should have insight.

HT: Glenn

Update: I’m informed by the informative Ramona that neither physician is from Little Rock, actually.  (I thought that due to the by line of the original article).  So, Non-Little Rock (Big Rock?) docs…