How was my night?

Only sorta busy until the 16 EMS’s in an hour.

So, yeah.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy (belated) Friday the 13th!

    Our volunteer EMS was lucky enough to get a 500lb guy who mixed benzos and liquor.

  2. Ouch. My worst is 11 in one hour, but that was also double covered.

  3. Rae the Tech says:

    It was definitely a nightmare of a night, but at least we had a great team on board!

  4. Funny thing, it was slow here so we were listening to FWPD scanner (via web) and heard all that was going on in FW and felt sorry for the “poor sap” who was working tonight. I guess that was you…

  5. Yes, I was the poor sap.

    Good news, I got to go home…