Segway Scooter Injuries On the Rise; ER Docs Recommend Helmets

Injuries sustained while riding Segway transporters are significant and on the rise, according to a study of emergency department visits published online in Annals of Emergency Medicine.

“The Segway may seem cool, but there’s nothing cool about a head injury,” said Mary Pat McKay, MD, MPH, FACEP, of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. “One-quarter of the patients who came to our emergency department with Segway injuries were admitted to the hospital. Forty percent of the admitted patients were admitted to the ICU because they had traumatic brain injuries.”

via Segway Scooter Injuries On the Rise; ER Docs Recommend Helmets.

Wow, sobering data.

I have enjoyed riding Segways, and if I had any use, any at all, I’d have one.  And a helmet, which I’d wear.

Segways are pricey, good helmets aren’t cheap, but the ER visit is going to bill out for about 15-30 really nice helmets, so get one, and wear it.


  1. Talk about picking a day to publish an article… the day the owner of Segway dies riding his Segway off a cliff.

  2. This was s scheduled post I wrote yesterday. Terrible timing. Condolences to the deceased.

  3. I assumed as much. Life’s odd coincidences. Had to check 2-3 news sources to make sure it was real because it seemed so… Onion.

  4. I’ve told people buy the best helmet you can afford, if you have a 10 dollar head buy a 10 dollar helmet.

  5. My life was saved by 150$ helmet…