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Standard of Care Project at EP Monthly

The Power of Agreement

We can stop baseless malpractice suits before they get started. How? By having a majority of practicing emergency physicians go on record as to the baseline “standard of care,” beneath which is negligence.

via Standard of Care Project at EPMonthly.

This has been rolling for a while, and I’ve been late to blog it.  That does not, in any way mean I’m not 100% FOR it.

The idea is beautifully simple: the Standard of Care in Emergency Medicine should be set by practicing EM physicians, not case-by case in courts before lay juries with battling experts.  (AAEM had the ‘remarkable testimony’ series as a retrospective attempt to shame ‘experts’ who gave, well, remarkable statements under oath, which to date has two cases in it).

This has the very real advantage of being a clear, concise peer statement that this is / is not the Standard of Care.

I voted (while at ACEP).  If you’re an Emergency Physician (and you have to cough up some information to determine your bona-fides before you can vote) go to the Standard of Care Project, and cast your vote.  They have set the bar at 30,000 votes, which is ambitious.  It’s also worth it.

Drunks More Likely to Think You’re a Jerk | Wired Science |

If you’ve ever had one or 10 too many drinks at a bar, you’re probably familiar with this scenario: a drunk guy stumbles past you, spills a beer all over you, and you get angry. You’re convinced he did it on purpose, and you start fuming. According to a new study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, you’ve probably fallen victim to one of the many side effects of booze: assuming that others’ actions are intentional.

via Drunks More Likely to Think You’re a Jerk | Wired Science |

That explains why the intoxicated patient in the ED is very often the disruptive one who gets way out of proportion angry with the very simple rules / requests in any ED.

Now, if they had a cure, or IV Insight, we’d be all set…