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Google Earth on Port Au Prince Haiti Airport

I hope this is a combination of satellite photos of the airport that just happens to have a very busy runway…

Y'all be careful out to embiggen


This is a pretty neat tool for docs.  I’ve signed up (free), have it on my iPhone, and will see if it’s super-useful.  Maybe not for an EM doc, but time will tell.  It’s at

The biggest plus I see right off is the HIPAA compliant SMS texting, which would make some communications available we just cannot now.

At any rate, check it out and see if you like it.  I find the web interface easier for adding colleagues, but maybe that’s just me.

YouTube – Doximity.

One happy thing I got from this is a list of all my medschool classmates, and where they are now.  A surprising number are in my area, and more than a few are in EM!

It’s 10:10:10

I don’t know what it means either.

I suspect it means numbers as we know them increment in a series, and that we’re just superstitious enough to wonder at the result.