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Joe Gibson Memorial Foundation – Home

Joe Gibson Memorial Foundation – Home.

I hadn’t heard about this, and while it’s probably a little late to start training for a 10K race being held tomorrow in Arizona, this looks to be a worthy foundation and a regular event.

What got my attention:

Joe Gibson, MD was a Phoenix Emergency Medicine Physician who had dedicated his life to saving and helping people in need. He was known to have a happy, infectious personality and a zest for life. A lifetime athlete, Joe spent time training and participating in triathlons and running races to balance his life and to stay healthy.

On December 29th, while on a training run in Phoenix, Joe was hit by a car. He sustained massive head injury and brain death. Even after this tragedy, Joe continued to give back as he became an organ donor and was able to save 4 lives with this last parting gift.

He was obviously loved, and he lives on through this foundation.  Inspiring.

Army finds simple blood test to identify mild brain trauma –

FREDERICK, Md. — The Army says it has discovered a simple blood test that can diagnose mild traumatic brain damage [TBI] or concussion, a hard-to-detect injury that can affect young athletes, infants with “shaken baby syndrome” and combat troops.

“This is huge,” said Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the Army vice chief of staff.

via Army finds simple blood test to identify mild brain trauma –

Yes, it is, if it pans out.  There’s so little actual information in this it’s hard to get excited about it, but let’s say they’ve isolated a ‘brain injury’ protein.

First, it would have uses outside TBI, though that in and of itself might be useful.  I don’t want to poo-pooh this test for TBI, but there are already rules for returning to contact sports (and combat has to be the ultimate in contact activities), so what’s the purpose here?  (I forsee more Purple Hearts, which is fine…).

Stroke?  TIA? Seizure?  Pseudotumor cerebri, as a strain indicator? What if this is the test that allows us to diagnose meningitis without doing lumbar punctures?  I’m all in on that front…

Let’s hope this pans out, for all our sakes.