CAF Airshow this weekend

The Commemorative Air Force airshow is this weekend, in Midland-Odessa. It’s been years since I went and want to go again someday (the only flying B-29 flew today in preparation).

If you’re in driving distance, it’s an amazing event.

HT: Sleepless in Midland


  1. Enjoy! Those must be great. I was bummed when they changed the name from the “Confederate Air Force.” I’m not a fan of the confederacy. obviously, but I just thought it was a funny anachronistic joke.

  2. Mrs. Fred says:

    Did you know that RIDES on Fifi are available this year? No luggage, of course — seats are $595 or $995, depending on location in the fuselage. It’s a 20 minutes ride — real flying history, for sure.

  3. Prob bout the show is u cant hear the guy commentating cause the damn music is so loud it drowns him out!