Drunks More Likely to Think You’re a Jerk | Wired Science | Wired.com

If you’ve ever had one or 10 too many drinks at a bar, you’re probably familiar with this scenario: a drunk guy stumbles past you, spills a beer all over you, and you get angry. You’re convinced he did it on purpose, and you start fuming. According to a new study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, you’ve probably fallen victim to one of the many side effects of booze: assuming that others’ actions are intentional.

via Drunks More Likely to Think You’re a Jerk | Wired Science | Wired.com.

That explains why the intoxicated patient in the ED is very often the disruptive one who gets way out of proportion angry with the very simple rules / requests in any ED.

Now, if they had a cure, or IV Insight, we’d be all set…


  1. IV insight would solve LOTS of our problems. IV coping skills would be good, too. (I’ve said for a long time that if “poor coping skills” were a code-able diagnosis, we’d all be rich.)

  2. What about IV denial reverser? My extremely sobriety challenged patients frequently exclaim, “Buh I diddn hae that mush to drin! Really!” Really!?!?!?