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Another satisfied ABEM Diplomate

I get emails after bemoaning the inefficient / laughable requirements being imposed by ABEM for continuous certification, and while I thank them for writing I’m not interested in being the Lonely Critic who Wails at ABEM.

So, allow me to publish (with their permission) someone elses’ lament at the current state of ABEM:

Thank you so much about your column about ABEM! It is making me feel like I am not the only one going thru this. We have 150 hours of CME required now, 4 through my state, 8 through my insurance, and now I find we can’t count the LLSA’s as continuous ed! Plus the articles in LLSA are horrible.

I took my CONCERT this year and the scores still aren’t out 8 weeks later for a computerized test. Someone needs to rise up against ABEM, they are not our advocates. I felt like maybe ACEP can help but I don’t think they can. ABEM I think is run by a lot of ivory tower guys who work 4 shifts a month in a University Hospital with the residents doing all the work. Thanks again for your columns!

One of my colleagues recently took the recertification test, which is now computer-based, and his description was less than flattering. “It’s like they scanned a photograph of a slide, and then uploaded that for the test”. He’s also about 8 weeks out from the test, and awaiting his scores…

I don’t want to be the anti-ABEM forum (is EMED-L still around?) but when I get emails like this it tells me I’m not alone in wanting ABEM to perform better. Significantly better.

Imagine Medicine: The Photography / Photoshop Contest

Medicine rocks! It makes the sick heal, pain go away, and healers proud and happy. Medicine is an art, where the instruments are medical technologies, warm hands, and learned minds. Many of us see medicine everyday: in ERs, ORs, ICUs, PACUs, PICUs, and SICUs. We see medicine through our eyes and our hearts. But what about your camera?Welcome to the Imagine Medicine contest! We are looking for fascinating medical photography that… imagines medicine. Nothing is off the table: portraits, group shots, happy shots, tragic shots, clinical shots, photoshop illustrations, macro, micro, and anything in between. Can you imagine medicine, showcase it as art, and make us wonder?Here’s the lowdown. The contest is open to all. Upload your photographs to Flickr, and tag them with “imaginemedicine” and “medgadget” keywords. Make sure you add at least one sentence describing your work. The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm ET on December 5, 2010. The winner will be announced on December 10th and the prize is a brand new 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi.

via Imagine Medicine: The Photography / Photoshop Contest.

MedGadget is having another contest.  This time, though, it’s not medical fiction (which was a lot of fun to read and judge) but is medical photography.

An iPad is first prize, and I’m please to be one of the judges.

Hie thee over to MedGadgets‘ place, read the rules, and get to snappin those photos!