Eye Dr DeLengocky: A second medical school in Fort Worth is a misplaced priority

…It is obvious that the priority of addressing physician shortages in the area is to develop new residency opportunities, not increasing the number of medical students. Therefore, the push for a second medical school on campus with a class size of 100 students is a travesty and misplaced effort.

via Eye Dr DeLengocky: A second medical school in Fort Worth is a misplaced priority.

A good article by a DO against a Fort Worth MD School, with a good point: what we need more are residency slots, not a new school.

This also ignores the elephant in the room, that hospitals don’t want Osteopathic residencies as there’s still a stigma (which is not justified but that is real).  I believe that’s the reason behind the allopathic push, with the not unreasonable belief that hospitals will be more amenable to opening MD residencies.

Still, a good blog post by a medblogger I was unaware of, and it makes very good points.


  1. That post hits the nail on the head regardless of the MD vs. DO debate…we can’t have growth in med schools without growth in residencies or else you are just spinning your wheels.

    I’ve said this before- part of me wonders whether UNT was just sick of dealing with the AOA. It’s also a shame that DO med students are unfairly being shut out of rotations at MD hospitals- I think that is the much bigger issue.

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    I am a student and I spend the same was excluded from the MD rotations in hospitals, I think it’s unfair … but well have to see what happens in the future …