Interview with Dr. Flea « ScienceRoll

Interview with Dr. Flea « ScienceRoll.

Interesting interview with Flea, an early medblogger and the definition of beware what you blog.  Read the interview for the lowdown on that…

He’s wrong about not blogging anonymously.  I think he means not to blog like you’re anonymous, which is a different thing…

Anyway, good for Berci for getting the interview!


  1. Thank you! I was thrilled when I finally found him and he was really open to answer my questions.

  2. Flea was interviewed anonymously during his trial for The Vanishing Oath – a realistic film documentary about physician burnout and its causes by an ER physician turned filmmaker, Ryan Flesher, MD. Flea focused on the malpractice “800-pound gorilla in every exam room” in his cloaked interview. The CD separately contains a follow-up interview of Flea (uncloaked) after his trial was settled and I think this was the first interview he gave regarding the subject.