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Solstice eclipse family fun

Our family is odd.  Avert your eyes if the idea of a family joke is too harsh for your gentle retinas.

So, tonight came not only the Winter Solstice but additionally a lunar eclipse.  Astronomic fun.  Not enough fun for the family.

The responsible party will rename anonymous, but it was decided: Darling Daughter (DD) will be brought to believe the following:

  • the solstice and eclipse are tonight (true)
  • the eclipse is visible with the naked eye (true)
  • doing so is dangerous due to the excess of UV rays bouncing off the moon during the eclipse (false)
  • viewing the eclipse is made safer for the eyes by wearing sunglasses (false but funny).

A comically large cardboard box with a pinhole in it (to be worn on the head) was initially thought to to be the tease, but was eventually discarded for the more practicable sunglasses.

DD was initially very hesitant to believe, but the other four of us, wearing our sunglasses, proved too much even for her highly developed skepticism.  So, she happily donned her shades, and we all watched the lunar eclipse together.

At some point, a photograph was in order (we were in on it, that’s why we’re shadeless):

Live long, and prosper.

About 5 minutes after this we let her off the hook, but not before the pic.

Showing good sport, DD insisted I blog this as “It’s really funny.  Mean, but funny”.

Nobody loves you more, sweetie.  Thanks for playing along with us.