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practice test

Well, here it is at long last!   My third book.  It’s called The Practice Test, and it’s about how we can face the struggles of medical practice with more balance and perspective.  How many docs knew every scientific and clinical question necessary to pass board, but were never prepared for life as a doctor?  Most, I’d say.

My book is set up like a parody of board exam questions, and it’s suitable for aspiring physicians, retiring physicians, practicing physicians, medical students, residents, medical spouses, educators, policy-makers and even patients who want to understand their doctors a little better.  And if they want to buy one for their physicians, I won’t mind a bit!

Here’s a link to read about it, look inside and  order it if you desire. | The Practice Test; my latest book!.

Hope he doesn’t mind me swiping nearly all of that post!  He’s a terrific writer, and I’m willing to bet his book will be excellent.  Follow the link, and order away!