Doc Rob: Unplugging

I have made a very big decision: I am going to unplug myself from the internet world for a while.  That means that I am hanging up my blogging for now.

via Unplugging.

I’m not going to swipe any more of his post, go have a read.

He’s been a good, prolific blogger with smart thoughts expounded in an entertaining way.

I speak for many that I hope he returns with his humor and voice intact, but even if he doesn’t we’re the better for having had him for this long.

Thanks, Dr. Rob, and enjoy the Llamas.


  1. When I was just starting a blog I looked at Rob’s site and was intimidated. I knew Rob from days as a form designer for our mutually used EMR over 12 years ago, and he was always spot on with his thinking. He has been an inspiration and role model for all of us. All the best Rob.