Archives for February 21, 2011

I’m actually very heartened by recent events

In some Northern State there has been a lot of protesting about teachers, unions, etc. This isn’t about that, at least not directly.

At this protest were a few doctors who were supplying ‘sick notes‘ for protesters. Let’s leave aside for the moment the desire to protest but not want to face the music for your actions, wanting a sick note to explain your absence. Not terribly brave. I wonder what would have been thought of a Declaration of Independence signed “anonymous”.

What I’m heartened about is the criticism leveled at the doctors who provided these notes, with (reportedly) no real history, exam, or documentation (beyond the note). It seems everyone expects doctors to be above obvious political motives, and not to offer a service even as seemingly trivial as a work note without, you know, practicing medicine.

Doctors: expected to be ethical. I think that’s great.