Archives for May 5, 2011

My Son passed the Texas Bar

I had little doubt as he’d already passed the Florida Bar, but today he got his Texas results.

We’re as proud of him as we can be. Now, about that legal job you have waiting for him…

My Fresno Trip

Short version: went well.

Longer version: I got there yesterday, early enough to spend a couple of hours with a good friend, and completely accidentally ran into two of my residency buddies.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, and this was just like when I bumped into another at ACEP: it’s like talking to someone you last saw two days ago. It was nice to catch up with one, and I had a brief chat with the other (working a shift). I’ve known a lot of people, but it’s these residency colleagues that I have that really comfortable vibe with. I need to see them more than every 9 years. They’re good people.

Then a dinner with the faculty who trained me (and one new faculty who’s very cool), catching up on their families, the changes in the residency, just small talk. I haven’t enjoyed small talk that much in a long time. While it’s a different connection with the staff, we still have three years in common as they did their best to teach me something.

Then a fitful nights’ sleep after the obligatory final fiddling with the slides. An easy drive to the new (to me) beautiful campus for UCSF-Fresno, which is a giant improvement over the old one in the VMC/UMC building I trained in. (After I left they closed it, maybe in my honor, maybe not).

The talk: I talked about charting ER patients (for docs) in EPIC, which I know fairly well, a general overview of Scribes, then how we do things in my ED. I used the new Prezi presenter, and it worked very well, I like it and will use if from now on over Powerpoint. That said, I have to remember to write my talk in a really poor monitor resolution. My EPIC screenshot slides looked perfect on my monitor, but when turned down to something the projector would deal with they were mush. Very dissatisfying. (Not Prezi’s fault, mine). Did I mention I like Prezi?

The audience was roughly 30 people, mostly residents with some staff and some ER nurses to hear what I had to say about Scribes and how we do things. I had an hour and a half to talk, and about 30 minutes worth of slides. Fortunately there were a lot of questions, so I wasn’t left with a lot of time to kill.

When I talk about how we do things (from the doc perspective) in our ER it always gets attention, mostly because we have a system that flows well, is mutually supportive, and it works to the time and flow advantage of the patients and the docs. All of what we do depends on excellent nursing and hospital staff support, so this isn’t a doc only thing… I think there are parts of what we do that would be adaptable to a residency program ED, and some that aren’t.

I gave my unsolicited advice to the upcoming graduates (lease or rent for a year, don’t buy), and my talk ended well. Nobody booed.

Then a nice tour of the ED, a meeting with some honchos about scribes, and it was time to come home. Fun for me, very ego-flattering to be asked to go back to your residency and talk, and I enjoyed it.

Maybe in another 10 years…