Employment rocks

It’s a bad economy and a poor employment situation, especially for lawyers. It has been for a couple of years, but for my son the drought has broken, at least temporarily. A job! In law! And in Fort Worth.

The job does not pay a ton of money, and since law firms aren’t stupid it’s for a ‘trial period’ (pardon the pun), but it’ll get him some experience, some income, and get him some contacts in their world. So, winning!

Kudos to Bob!


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    We are SO proud!

  2. Congratulations! My son is in his first year of law school, I know its REALLY bad out there job-wise. Congrats to your son for his persistence.

  3. What kind of practice?

    Now that he’s in, he’ll be alright.

    • A practice that does civil and some criminal. They plan to rotate him through their various areas the next couple of months and evaluate his strengths.

      He’s happy to have the opportunity.

  4. AuntSusie says:

    That is GREAT news! I should check the blog more often – real life is just too busy. So. Did you have to buy him a new suit?

  5. Nope, he had them from about a year ago when the search started.