Fresno Trip

I’m off to Fresno tomorrow, to give a chat about EPIC (our EMR), Scribes and how we see patients with all three in my ED. I’m talking to the residency that mistakenly kept me long enough to graduate, and it’ll be interesting to see their new ED (which I was told would be ready for my last residency year, joke’s on me), and the faculty that remains.

I have been given an hour and a half. I can easily talk all day about seeing patients with EPIC, an hour on scribes and hours and hours about our cascading acuity shift system, so it’s been fun writing a talk to hit the major points without going over. I think I’ve hit the right balance, but time will literally tell.

I’m still debating renting a car vs. the hotel shuttle and a couple of taxi rides. I like the freedom of having my own wheels, but as I’m there for right at 27 hours (many of which will be spent sleeping) it seems kind of a waste. Still debating.

Couldn’t be a better time to be flying, right? This week I will not gripe about everyone going through the TSA’s enhanced interrogation.

(I wonder if any of the Fresno EM residents twitter, that would be interesting…)