Oprah signs off and doctors everywhere rejoice « Dr. Jen Gunter

I’ve never watched Oprah outside The Color Purple, so she didn’t directly affect my life. Apparently it’s good for my BP I didn’t:

But for the purposes of this blog, we will say she is gone. And doctors everywhere are rejoicing. Why? Because Oprah is the Supreme Empress of medical woo, disseminating the greatest combination of medical mumbo jumbo and snake oil the world has ever seen.

via Oprah signs off and doctors everywhere rejoice « Dr. Jen Gunter.

I did get a chuckle out of a twitterer who asked ‘on her last show, does Martin Lawrence step out of his Oprah suit’?



  1. My biggest concern was her advocating for “bioidentical hormones”, ie, Suzanne Somers. We’ve already established what putting women on hormones does to the breast cancer rate, now we’re going to pump them full of hormones that are “natural”, just to look better? Pretty scary stuff. Wonder how we will look back on this in 10-20 years.

  2. Dan Spinato says:

    Wow this is the most honest post I have ever read! I share the same sentiments you have about the “Queen of Talk”.