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Dr. Au is hear from…

Becoming a doctor requires hard work and sacrifice, but a system that expects their doctors to be committed to their jobs to the exclusion of all else is flawed. And maybe there’s quite simply nothing wrong with young doctors at all, rather something wrong with the historical culture of medicine, such that the idea of doctors as human beings can inspire so much debate.

via The Radical Notion That Doctors Are People, Too | Psychology Today.

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  1. Doctors always tell their patients to get enough rest, sleep and eat right but they hardly find the time to do any of the advice they give.

    American are less healthy as they are taking less vacation time:

    We do believe the younger ones entering into medical school are striving for a better work-balance as they saw their parents always working and stressed out without time to spend with family. We hope they find the right balance and continue to provide the best care to their patients. Let’s hope so for everyone’s sake.

  2. Fancy Scrubs is absolutely right. Most doctors are having little sleep, eat horrible cafeteria food everyday and smoke in every break they can manage. At some point, being a doctor had to mean sacrificing your time and well being for the improvement of others.

    I read the article that you linked to and I must agree with the people who believe that a well rested and healthy doctor is better than a frazzled mess in scrubs.

  3. As long as they’re enough students studying medicine and joining our medical communities there will be enough doctors to cover all shifts. Allowing everyone the much needed time to just be… real people too.