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More Winkler County Nurse news

Well, okay, one of these isn’t ‘news’, as it’s an article from March of this year, from the Texas Observer:

Four months after he started, Wiley hired Dr. Rolando Arafiles, a Filipino family-practice doctor he’d met at the hospital in Crane. Arafiles and his wife bought a house in Kermit. They threw themselves into the town’s social life. Arafiles played golf with the county sheriff. Wiley, who wanted his doctors to be part of the community, was thrilled—so much so that when the nurses started to question Arafiles’ treatment of patients, the administrator tried to quash their complaints. When Mitchell, Galle and Warren finally sent damning evidence to state regulators, Wiley and two of Winkler County’s leading citizens took decisive action: They launched an attack on the nurses.

It’s well written, and serves as the bulk of the material in a podcast from This American Life. You can play it from their page, and it features audio interviews of the Nurses. It’s good.



Winkler sheriff trial to begin Monday | trial, winkler, moore – Odessa American Online

Remember the Winkler County Nurse scandal? I do.

So does the Texas States’ Attorney.

June 06, 2011 6:30 AM


UPDATE 1 p.m. The court has taken a break until 2 p.m. for lunch in the trial of Winkler Sheriff Robert Roberts on charges of misuse of official information and retaliation.

The Midland County courtroom was packed with about 80 potential jurors in a trial now expected to last at least a week. Even after moving the trial from Kermit, the question of impartiality looms in an ongoing whistle-blowing nurses saga that has gotten national attention after the investigation and attempted criminal prosecution of the two Winkler County nurses who reported a doctor at their hospital violated proper medical procedure.

The doctor, Rolando Arafiles, asked his friend Sheriff Roberts to investigate the nurses, who were arrested.

via Winkler sheriff trial to begin Monday | trial, winkler, moore – Odessa American Online.

I’ll be very interested to see the outcome of this.

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